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Colin Barker [userpic]
Tournaments at the London MCM Expo
by Colin Barker (myst)
at May 6th, 2005 (10:55 am)

DDR:uk (http://www.ddruk.com) will be hosting a pair of tournaments at the London MCM Expo (http://www.londonexpo.com)! Why not come along and strut your stuff, and see how well you do!

To enter the tournament, please leave your name, and which tournament you wish to do in an email to tournament@ddruk.com. It will still be possible to sign up on the day, but places will be limited.

There will be two types of tournaments.

PA Tournament: The basic premise behind this tournament is to gain as many points in game as possible. This will be done by pressing the arrows in time with the beat. Before this tournament starts there will be a seeding round which will place you in either the Intermediate or Expert sections. Choose your songs wisely as you will only have two songs. The first song within the seeding round and your final round. Full rules will be posted on the day, and are posted up on the DDR:uk website.

Freestyle Tournament: For those who have played the game and wish to really show off, then enter this version of the tournament! Any song, any difficulty, any style! A panel of judges will be watching closely and the judges will decide on which of you can freestyle the best! The scoring system will be out of 50 point, and the person with the most points will win. You will be judged on style and technique, and all the scores from the judges will be added together. Full rules will be posted on the day, and are posted up on the DDR:uk website.

If you do not wish to enter, then please join the crowd and cheer these people on!