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Lauren Wainwright [userpic]
by Lauren Wainwright (atheistium)
at April 15th, 2006 (01:24 pm)
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But this has to be done. We are going to ask for money from you people. Even if everyone managed to donate at least £1 EACH that can make a HUGE difference.
Before there were issues about only a few people actually being online that that "why does the server cost so much to run?" well it's not those who are complaining are paying the bills. Also everytime I check DDRUK there are at least 600+ people online. No matter what you say, this costs money to run. Websites are not cheap and thats fact! I know a lot of you check DDRUK everyday, post everyday and have a lot of fun here. You can help towards this by donating towards us. Or buy a subscription account? Get some extra's!! There are a lot of things you can do to help but I urge that you try this month!!

So I must ask for you all to pay towards DDRUK even if a small amount. There are problems with the payments and Myst is in a bit of trouble with being able to live and just barely able to afford the server. Seeing as i have now moved in with Myst and have seen what his outgoings are, server is something that is that needs to be addressed.

Please I urge you, donate at least £1 or buy a subscription! ANYTHING please help this site run!

Thank you so much,
The worried friend.