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Colin Barker [userpic]
DDR:uk Press Release 28/04/05
by Colin Barker (myst)
at May 5th, 2005 (12:28 pm)


DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) or DS (Dancing Stage) as it is known in Europe is a highly
popular dancing game which has been released on Playstation, XBox, and in the arcades;
Originating from Japan. Using your feet on a dance mat, you are able to dance along to
the music which the game plays, after which you are then scored at the end of the track.
You have the ability to dance solo, or head to head in a game which not only is fun, but
is a great workout!

DDRUK (http://www.ddruk.com) is the largest community within the United Kingdom that has
fans for this and other rhythmic games. These other games include, Para Para Paradise,
Beatmania, Pop 'n Music, In The Groove, Pump It Up, Ez2Dancer, and many more. Many of
these games originate from Japan, where there are also dedicated groups of fans that play
these games; for fun and for competition.

DDRUK also includes articles for new and veterans at the game, to a shop where you
can buy equipment for your home setups, a dedicated set of forums for all the different
rhythmic games as well as advice on other subjects close to the hearts of the fans, and
much more.

DDRUK is proud to announce that it has been invited to the London MCM Expo which is
being held on the 14th and 15th of May 2005, to run dance game machines within the
Anime Village. We shall be showing you what this Japanese craze is all about, as well
as run a tournament on both days, including the chance to win prizes! We shall also be
demonstrating how to actually play these games for all the new people out there, and
those people who want to learn a little more to become experts.

Staff from DDRUK will be attending the event, and will be happy to answer any queries
that you may have about rhythmic games and the website, no matter how small or big!